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Planning permission and car parking for garage conversions

Will I have any problems gaining Planning Permission for my garage conversion?

In my experience the only problems that householders have in gaining Planning Permission for a garage conversion is in regards to car parking. You are of course taking away one or more of your car parking spaces by converting your garage and the local authorities are trying to get people off the roads and making people park upon their own driveways.

I have come across many instances where the Planning Department will issue a Planning Permission approval for a garage conversion, but then require that a homeowner provide an additional car parking space or two on the front garden. This often involves the homeowner taking down a front wall and concreting over a grassed front garden.

The Planners are effectively giving with one hand and taking away with another. A general rule of thumb that the Planners look for is:

1 off street car parking space per bedroom in the house. This of course is not practical in a lot of areas of the U.K. and is only a very general guide.

Please remember to always check with your Local Planning department before starting on any construction project and my opinions in this article are for guidance only.





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